A Layover In Tokyo

 Tôkyô, Japan

A 21 Hour Layover in Tokyo

Before heading back to Canada for the summer I chose a connecting flight to Tokyo that would give me the opportunity to visit the city for the day. I left Hong Kong at 3:00 in the afternoon HK Time and landed in Tokyo at 8:30 p.m. I took a cab to my hotel, enjoyed a nice epsom salt bath and had a good sleep. The next day I checked out of my hotel and went about exploring.

First issue I had was figuring out the metro systems. I have been to Tokyo before but navigating the metro was pretty difficult and now even more so that I was alone. I started in the wrong station but with the help of a kind service worker he helped me navigate to the right metro starion which was a ten minute walk away. Thank Goodness for the MeMaps app because having no wifi in another country is pretty hard to do. Whichever city you intend to visit download the maps offline and it gives you a detailed map as well as offline interactive GPS to find your way. Pretty damn good.

So arrived at the station and thought about getting individual tickets to my destination but rethought that and just bought a Pasmo card I can freely use. I’ll most likely be coming back to Tokyo anyways. But let me tell you again the Tokyo metro is no joke. The metro maps you download or look at in the station dont strike you as so extensive until your actually on the subway. But the great thing about Tokyo is that everything is ridiculously organized and clearly labeled.

Kinda got turned around at the metro only because I didn’t check my map and realize I wanted to go to Senkakuji first. But it makes more sense to go to Shibuya first then work my way down to Tokyo tower then head back to the airport.

First stop was Shibuya to find this tempura restaurant I researched online. Tempura Tendon Tenya. It was hard to get a location on Google Maps but I used Maps Me again and did my best guessing. After walking for 5 minutes and looking across the street there it was! So happy I found it! Food was really good and pretty cheap. Read a lot of great reviews about it and I concur.

So I wanted to make it to Harajuku, been there before but wanted to go again. Was on a time crunch due to going to the wrong station in the first place and trying to understand the metro maps. So I decided to skip Harajuku and head to Zojoji temple instead. It was really beautiful, so many different temples and shrines. There were a lot of nice parka as well. Didn’t realize Tokyo tower was right next to it. 2 for 1!

Took the metro from there to the airport to cath my flight home. Really great time in Tokyo!

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